Tuesday, 11 May 2021


It is clear that western elites perceive little incentive to work with the elites of nations they oppose politically and economically.

There is obviously an ideological war being waged by them that has a far higher priority for them than creating a unified front against the agreed threats facing humankind.

The path western elites are on quite obviously cannot lead anywhere but division in the short to medium term, even if their goal of victory over all other political systems ultimately succeeds.

Such division will lead to each power bloc desperately seeking to gain the resources needed solely for themselves from a dwindling supply. This would inevitably lead in my view to a condition I refer to as ‘resource psychosis’, where the chaos of ever more war and attendant chaos and instability feed an ever speedier descent into greater and greater darkness for humanity. A potentially terminal darkness.

With the effects of the pandemic still having devastating consequences on the physical level and the economic effects still largely to come and climate change looming on the horizon why does regime change feature as the clear priority of western elites, and of the USA and UK in particular?

I see no good reason other than these elites believe no further opportunity will be available to them if they do not push now for the hegemony they clearly believe they (and the world) cannot in good conscience do without. If allowed, China will clearly rise and rise and soon be quite out of reach of regime change tactics employed elsewhere. China will become impervious to all methodologies designed to weaken her in order to enable changes to force a transfer of power designed to meet western needs.

China is clearly the highest priority for western elites now. If the present patrician dominance of the West is to be maintained and even the slightest chance of full spectrum dominance (hegemony) of the USA to be dreamed of, only a short window of opportunity exists within which to push forward these agendas.

In a very real sense this is a huge and extremely dangerous gamble these elites are undertaking, ostensibly for the sake of all humankind (at least this is how it is dressed in their own minds and through their spokespersons’ communications). The true mix of motivations very definitely includes self-interest regarding a long-held status of racial/cultural exceptionalism however.

Those pushing forward with this gamble to gain hegemony for the West at the possible expense of millions of lives if they lose are the exceptionalists. They have been in the ascendancy since 9/11 and there are no signs currently that I detect that they are in any danger of losing power to those who favor unity and cooperation over division and confrontation.

These latter are the internationalists, the international pragmatists, most of whom lost any influence after 9/11 and who had scant influence even before. They see the great benefits accruing from making agreements with existing power blocs, no matter how diverse their political systems may be. They retain the kind of pragmatism seen during much of the Cold War where the best was made of a difficult situation with much dialogue taking place and agreements come to via diplomacy while a covert war, understood by both sides continued.

Since 9/11 the focus from the western side has become one of an all-or-nothing scenario. This has enabled hard-liners to come to the fore and stay there, uncompromising, cutting connections, refusing to engage in diplomacy, making demands accompanied with accusations and in general making this war with the east even colder than the last.

As I see it a bright path forward does exist via the internationalists. However, there appears to be zero chance they can find their way to the top of western political elite power structures. The way is barred by too many roadblocks due to the entrenchment of the hawks who gained almost total supremacy after 9/11. Minds are fixed in a mentality that far outdoes that of the Cold War at its worst. It is more akin to that of Joe McCarthy during the Red Scare of the Fifties.

With this kind of mind set holding supreme power and all protocols agreed immediately after 9/11 set in stone, totally unquestionable and demanding the complete elimination of all individual and systemic threats (great and small) to the USA there appears to be no hope for the internationalists.

The dark path appears to have no turning. No u-turn should be hoped for.

The only hope there can possibly be in this situation is that the project by the West to gain hegemony fails completely enough and soon enough that an internationalist geopolitical paradigm can arise. The only way I see this occurring is through the continued exponential economic rise of China and the pandemic-debilitated economic descent of  the West.

In my favored scenario China’s increasing economic rise within Europe would inexorably minimize U.S. influence there. And not only in Europe, in Africa and elsewhere also. The possibility then of the elites of the USA (along with their close allies in the UK) coming at last to the conclusion that their goal of maintaining their global domination and future hegemony were both lost would then become a realistic prospect. Clearly they would be brought kicking and screaming to this realization however.

Then... and only then I fear... would the prospect of the bright path come into view.

Whether by this time it would be too late and the ravages of climate change were already sweeping all before it will only be revealed over time.




Monday, 10 May 2021


(West is always best?)

We are told by the western political leadership that they wish to preserve and spread western liberal values. This sounds relatively innocent depending on what is meant by the term.

I would like to look a little deeper than surface impressions regarding the meaning of 'western liberal values' and what western political elites seek to replace in regard to values we can say very generally exist in the East.

I’d like to start by admitting that I recognize how potentially dangerous it can be to generalize about values, and generalize also about the correctness or otherwise of behaviors, one to another across the world. However, I detect certain basic differences between western liberal values and those of the East and in particular those of Asian and Slavic nations.

These differences are quite subtle in many ways yet quite obvious in others I would contend. Hopefully what I wish to point out will not be found particularly contentious except by those elites in the West with a particularly strong belief in the universal merit of western liberal values.

The main positive aspect of western liberal values as I see it (which is not necessarily absent from Asian/Slavic values but less emphasized within the public and political spheres) I would define as follows:

A general tolerance for most behaviors which do not conflict with the law of the land. This can include a wide variety of behaviors, some of which would have been seen as outrageous, unwelcome and would have been shunned in earlier, more traditional and conservative times in the West. This covers many aspects of behavior and dress, sexual orientation and social relationships.

The negative aspect I find which tends to coincide with positive aspects within western liberal values lies in the overall effect of the freedoms in the West that it seems to me flows over into license.

This license, exists almost a right in itself to behave entirely as you please as long as the behavior does not fall foul of the law. The key word I would like to emphasize overall in this context is ‘license’. And the key negative feature is what I would call a general degradation of the culture leading to, or at least in significant way encouraging, social decay and even criminality. This I see as the overall negative factor, this embracing of a concept of individual freedom leading in subtle ways to license.

No nation or culture is free of bad behaviors, of criminality and the descent of individuals from lives of integrity, decency, what could be called good behavior and social responsibility, however, at its broadest these latter factors are what I perceive as having higher priority in the East.

I would hazard to call it a general adherence to decency, of right conduct individually and toward others, a higher degree of social responsibility, of maintaining a more emphasized degree of self-control for the benefit of all and to maintain the dignity of family and society in general. A more traditional way of life if you will, the essentials of a traditional way of life that was once the generally accepted way you lived your life in the West also before the modern age and the new, much more liberal values which are now espoused by western political elites.

I wish to avoid going into more detail as I suspect you have already understood what I am trying to say.

What I am not saying is that people in the West must necessarily change their mode of being if they find it conducive to what they conceive of as a good way to live with all it entails regarding the highly prioritized concepts of freedom and individuality as differentiated from responsibility to otherwise.

All I’m asking for is that those with different priorities and social customs in the East should not necessarily seen as lacking these western values.

The Slavic peoples and those of Asia have different priorities and adhere to different cultural mores and values than those of the West. There values tend to be more rooted in tradition, strong traditional concepts of decency, self-control, duty, and awareness of how important individual behavior is in reference to the good of society as a whole. Alongside this is a continuing disapproval of what is conceived of as bad behavior, i.e. behavior that is seen as not conducive to good social order and the maintenance of a stable, well-functioning society.

This can seem to be overly restricting in the West, perhaps even stultifying, inhibiting individual freedom and even as oppressive, at the very least restricting. However, a certain factor should be taken into consideration by westerners having this view. They live in a much more affluent society both in recent past times and in the present time. Many of the Slavic and Asian nations do not have the same luxury to be however they may wish where there are few of any consequences of irresponsible, solely self-interested behaviors. If an atmosphere of the same degree of license was as prevalent in these nations as in the West and in particular in the USA I would argue it would spell disaster for them.

I would argue that criminality is encouraged in nations where a high degree of license occurs. The foundation of a society based on hard-won social rules which generate stability from one generation to the next would I contend be weakened. Moral relativism inevitably creeps into such societies. Individual greed and the behaviors which stem from that greed in an ultra-competitive environment where egotism, hyper-competition create a dog-eat-dog ambiance can hardly be avoided.

In societies where resources and wealth have traditionally been hard won there tend to exist stricter codes of behavior. Success is seen more in socially connected terms as each individual is to some degree dependent on others and perennially dependent on a general good orderliness of society which allows a sustainable living to be achieved.

Insisting that such societies, often pejoratively labelled authoritarian and deemed backward or “undeveloped" in the West, take on western liberal values seems to me a disaster waiting to happen. Many of the societies I am talking of do not have (and in my view should not take on) the so-called benefits of western democracy in the same way I feel their taking on of western liberal values or the western notion of freedom (license) would be equally disastrous.

Western political elites are now more than ever insisting that their societies’ values and systems are universally applicable. More than that they are insisting they have some special right to force them on all others using whatever means they deem necessary, including the use of destabilizing techniques whether overt (sanctions) covert (use of subversive tactics to destabilize nations) and even military might and invasion. In my view, at the very least the rhetoric employed is clearly destructive, divisive, patronizing and clearly racist at times, either through an unconscious or a self-willed lack of fundamental understanding of how other societies have been constructed through real hard won experience from the bottom up rather than from the top down as they often maintain.

The Slavs and the peoples of many Asian societies adhere to values that place duty, family, decent, socially responsible behavior, work and integrity very high on a list of attributes. I would contend there are very good reasons for this that are influenced and degraded at the peril of those affected. They are the bedrock values of societies that depend on a certain degree of public order, social responsibility, honesty and good behavior to survive and prosper with less leeway that their fellow human beings in the West.

The political leadership of the West, in insisting that these solidly-based societies change to reflect their values is I believe wholly wrong and if allowed to achieve what they insist upon, will bring only chaos to the nations it affects.

It is wholly correct in my view that Slavic and Asian leaders like Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping oppose all such efforts which they clearly see would destroy their nations by removing their vital and in fact much loved foundations of tradition, community, decent behavior, individual responsibility, love of family, a healthy work ethic and above all a high degree of agreed, mutually beneficial social cohesion.


Saturday, 8 May 2021


Joe Biden has quite a task on his hands. Clearly he has been told that the USA is falling apart in terms of infrastructure and failing massively in the field of education. Presumably at some point he will also have to tackle health care.

At the same time he is pushing the war against China.

While these two extremely expensive endeavors, plus ongoing economic attacks elsewhere (Russia, Venezuela etc.) continue, Covid has created the seeds of collapse within the U.S. economy.

Social turmoil appears inevitable and a significant reduction in geopolitical reach surely cannot be avoided.

To try to square the circle Biden is apparently relying on U.S. allies like never before.

Naturally a facade of confidence must be presented at all times... however, these bets, it seems to me, are being made in a last chance casino.

China was inflicted with Covid and the western elite world secretly smiled as its goal has been for many years now to see their primary rival significantly weakened. The smiles were soon wiped off their faces however as China effectively dealt with the virus and their own nations became infected and struggled, and failed, to contain it.

Now a brave face is being put on things, a false face. Blinken is the main mask-wearer for the most aggressive policies now being brought to bear on China, and to a lesser degree, on Russia. I predict that from now on the attacks on Russia will mainly be in the field of rhetoric. China will take center stage and be held very much in the cross hairs of U.S. foreign and economic policy. For China it is that can hold back the unlimited U.S. aggression we have seen for a generation now.

China, through her economic reach into Europe via her Belt and Road initiative is poised to vastly diminish U.S. influence there. Elsewhere also, as in Africa China is pushing the U.S. and other western influence out. China is now about to rise to ever greater economic heights and subsequent political influence.

Supported by her allies, Russia, Iran and others China is about to slowly but surely quarantine the warmongering elite horde of the USA. No other nation is anywhere near capable of doing this. China can and step by step China will. It is inevitable in my view.

So, despite the seeming confidence of Biden’s big projects at home and abroad I detect an underlying panic and desperation. China’s recent reaction to North American bluster in Alaska shows two things in my opinion.

1. China is no longer willing to simply take the attacks upon it, neither verbally or economically.

2. China sees the inherent weakness of the U.S. position and is not fooled by the blustering of its elites.

The USA is about to implode. It has been an inevitable process from almost the start of a nation predicated upon multiple unsustainable premises. Health care, education, welfare, economics, politics and finance are all riven with death wish flaws of immense proportions. All have been moving to their inexorable end point like the morally disreputable Ponzi schemes they in fact are.

Meanwhile, over in China they have systems that work in ultra-efficient style producing the goods required, building the infrastructure needed and allowing ever more precise engineering of the innovations, industries, cities and societies of tomorrow.

As Biden makes his bets in the last chance casino China has no need whatsoever to gamble her winnings. She simply invests them. While the U.S. debt soars into insoluble trillions China is set to manufacture the goods that earn them similar trillions.

The USA has gambled on its tawdry pseudo democracy and its rabid, greed-driven aggression toward other nations for decade after decade. Its exploitative self-interest has worked to alienate as many as it has dominated.

Like an obsessive slots addict in Las Vegas the U.S. has been driven by the need for an ever greater fix of income to offset its gigantic debt mountain. Now it is coming to the end of its money pile, a money pile created from the dwindling confidence the casino owner (the financial markets) had in it. Covid has been the dissolving agent that will destroy the last vestige of that confidence as Biden frantically (though with as frozen a face as he can manage) places his last desperate bets.


Friday, 7 May 2021


It was always the same day in Allgood. And it was always good... whatever might happen.

Joe was in his study, thinking as he did often of the dichotomy that had infused his life with so many bittersweet feelings for so long now.

It was composed of two dueling elements that he had never been able to reconcile.

Everyday life was a ritual of eternal license. His wallscreen brought him 250 varieties of such diversions, much of it that offended against his sensibilities, many of which sensibilities were quite out of date these days.

He was getting unnervingly dissatisfied with his life. The food, the behaviors he saw, even the air he breathed... nothing seemed right to him any more.

He was unhappy.

But it was all meant to be good. It was freedom. He was free.

But he didn’t see how he fitted into the system of Allgood.

Allgood had existed since the Great Change before which was Allbad. In Allbad there was duty as the primary feature. Duty, responsibility, integrity and work. As the crisis approached which brought about the Great Change the conflict between those who lived in Freeworld and those who lived in Allbad (or as they called it Idealworld) grew and grew.

The leaders of Freeworld knew their system of license created wealth and the more freedom there was the more wealth there would be and it was only a metter of time before everyone was happy.

The leaders of Idealworld had the ambition to maintain a sufficient level of control to maintain discipline. This discipline was there to maintain the necessary level of order required to bring an equality of opportunity leading to happiness.

The goal of both was general happiness you see. But the means to that goal were divergent in the extreme. Freedom on one hand. Order on the other.

Joe had read a lot of books on the subject and read many articles via his wallscreen. Evening was when he was best able to concentrate then contemplate on what he read and saw. Some of the materials he read and saw however, disturbed him. They were hard to find and though they were freely available they could get you into trouble.

The trouble was of a low level type for most people. Though most people never accessed the materials that caused this trouble any more. They were pursuing license. The perpetual and perennial license of Allgood.

For Joe the trouble was contained within the responses he received from others when some aspect of his divergent viewing and reading conflicted with everyday life. It needn’t be that he even said anything that wasn’t usual, though if he did he saw the response was never positive. He felt a tremor of unhappiness that disturbed him on these occasions. An inner disquiet and of feeling out of being out of synch with his entire environment.

You may think he was just a typical loner, an oddball, a wannabe intellectual with ideas beyond his IQ level who should have just found a few friends, played some sports and got with the program. Joe might even have agreed with you. But somehow his mind simply wouldn’t let him move in that direction, no matter how much he felt his happiness might lie in that direction.

 The Great Change had seen the dissolving of Idealworld. This was a subject Joe pondered more than most. He felt queasy about this momentous event that had ushered in the world he now lived in. The opposition to Freeworld was gone, but the conflict in his own mind only grew.

The more he studied the facts about the change, as far as he could find them, the more an unsettledness grew within him. It became clear to him that something vital and even wonderful had been removed from himself and all others that would now be. Somehow license was not enough. An element had been removed that was there to provide balance. License produced wealth, he could see that. There was great wealth. Not for him and not for many but he saw signs of great wealth in many places and many more via his wallscreen. There it was all wealth, more wealth and ever greater wealth... on most channels that is. Almost all channels in fact. The channels favored by most in Allgood. Sometimes he felt he was the only one who accessed the others... and in those moments, alone in the quiet of his study, he felt himself to be the loneliest man possible.

But there were people on those other channels and he did feel a kindred for those glowing dots on his screen that represented them, far away beings out of reach, hidden is some corner of Allgood feeling, perhaps as he did? Or so it seemed. These thoughts generated a helpless kind of warmth inside Joe, he was glad of it but there was a keen pain of a nameless longing alongside it also.

The Great Change had brought about Freeworld and with it Allgood. Freeworld was the entire planet now, with full license for all, a playground of experience generating huge wealth. Allgood was the environment of thought protectively surrounding and permeating Freeworld. From the satellites orbiting above to the myriad channels of Networld to the sprawling LiveMalls to the EntertainmentZones to VirtualEros Net Allgood stretched its sensual aura of potential happiness.

But none of its made Joe happy. He was not even a little attracted toward any of it. He was repulsed. Something within him found it aligned with the concept from Before the Change regarding Allbad... that it was all wrong.

Allbad was the designation given to Idealworld. Joe had been a teenager at that time. On his parents’ screen each day and nigh important segments were given to how bad things were in Idealworld (or what was named as Allbad in Freeworld). It seemed obvious to all (or almost all) that the people there were being denied their due happiness. Their grey world of duty, controlled as they were appeared unlivable and permeated by oppression. We believed the systems of Allbad had failed and were not bringing happiness. Not at all. It was made obvious to us that there was no happiness there because there was no license to be free. And it was agreed they must be made free. To be like us.

And so it was. Every means was used to free them and so, eventually after every possible way was employed to bring what existed down and replace it Allbad succumbed to Allgood.

The Great Change took place and the people of Freeworld rejoiced.

That was forty years before. Joe, now fifty seven, found in his nightly sessions he retained many attitudes that made him think this had been necessary. This despite the contrary feelings that had arrived via his studies that something important had been lost, eliminated as part of the change.

Joe began to realize that there were elements in his mind that were there due to repetition rather than by any other means. He had sat with his parents through long years where negativity on some subjects was repeatedly emphasized and positivity on others provided as standard. And these were laid down in levels so deep it would be impossible to reassess everything he found he now desperately needed to, to retain his sanity.

Above and across Freeworld the satellites wove silently in the night. Below, light shone from every nation below. Here and there the mass of lights coalesced into gigantic balls of glowing fire where embers streaked out in tendrils connecting each ball in a huge matrix of gold. Below, vehicles rushed, travelers incessantly seeking connection, entertainment, leisure, excitement, pleasure and happiness through ever greater license. Each individual sought their need, fed their desires, fueled further wants, had goals eased then new goals stimulated. They found purpose through ambitions catered for in payment and wealth created.

And slowly but surely... if a little imagination was used... it could be seen from up here, that the tiniest lights of all, a little isolated from those vast glowing gobs of fire... were going out, slowly but surely, one by one by one...


Thursday, 6 May 2021


The West was given time to mend its hyper-aggressive ways. No global psychiatrist was consulted, no counseling was sought. Time outs were given, leeway was allowed, excuses made and lenience shown. All to no avail.

The Butchers of Baghdad, Tripoli and Kiev carried on with their rapacious appetite of aggressively greed-driven striving for their ultimate ambition, global control.

In this day and age rabid dogs of war cannot simply be put down and so to rest. Other methods to muzzle such bloodthirsty hounds must be devised.

The western whelps have bared their teeth several times too often and must now be put permanently on a leash.

No enlightenment of their mangy brains appears possible. Driven mad with a rabid desire to dominate all before them they are incapable of mastering their rage to enslave all before them.

Even those populations already enslaved by them have registered their fears in a recent poll. Though everything was done as usual to get the right answers, those that fit their existing narratives, the poll accurately reflected that the mad dogs of this world are well known.

As in all such polls it doesn’t take rocket scientists to know where such dogs have their fetid lairs. The danger is known not to lie anywhere but the United States of America along with its seriously mentally deranged pup, the UK.

Only the werewolves who are running things in Washington, in Brussels and at NATO HQ will feign surprise at being thought the most dangerous and aggressive beasts prowling this world.

Riddled with brain-rotting toxins these creatures have been completely unable to recognize fact from fiction, reality from fantasy and good data from a diet of believable drivel.

They feed on the carcass of Cold War sensibilities, locked in a pound, a concentration camp of the mind and rank-reeking abattoir of the soul.

These are the undead, the zombie fetishists of war, unable to think straight for the hatreds and fixed prejudices that permeate their diseased minds. Corrupt, corrupted and corrupting flesh-eating hyenas perpetually scarring the human landscape with their vicious mentalities.

But their time roaming the world looking for fresh meat is ending. The lassos and electric prods are coming for them in the shape of changing options on the international money market. The end of the Petrodollar and the slide in all western economies as that of the east rises and rises will once and for all eclipse the slime-ridden wolf lair of the West.



The elites of the USA along with their British allies have a mission as joint planetary CEO.

That mission is to deliver to every country worldwide a set of rules to live by through taking apart their non-compliant system of governance (unless it is convenient in other ways to the CEO).



Any questions?

“Do we have a choice?”

Whether the population of any country wishes our rules, agrees with them or resists them, they MUST take ownership of them at pain of death.

Why? Because we say so.

“Who elected you CEO?”

No one.

“Who monitors you?”

No one.

They have simply assumed control.

All rights of ownership are theirs through force majeure.

This planet is not a democracy.

You do as you are told. We are your boss.

We are joint planetary CEO. The owners.

Now get in line and salute. Obey our agenda and agree our narratives.

There’s no truth but our truth.

There’s no way but our way.

Accept it.

Or suffer the consequences and be named an aggressor state.

THAT’S your choice. Your ONLY choice. You have no OTHER choice.

To be ours to manage, manipulate, exploit and control... or to be a target for regime change.

Wise up.

Work for us.

We OWN this place.

So get with the program.



Certain western politicians appear to be caught in a loop of down at mouth moaning and tearful accusations against Russia and China.

They resemble nothing more than babies with irritable bowels or lack of sleep and then by turns morph into 3rd rate actors caught in a Groundhog Day of finger-pointing, bathos-permeated angst.

I’m sure they are completely unaware of how they come across.

I expect them at any moment to break into howls of anguished rage and titanic tantrums of frustrated delirium with little petted-lips dribbling all over their designer ties.

The worst of it all is that both Vlad and Xi will doubtless be totally nonplussed, standing with arms folded, at least one eyebrow raised and a bemused smile every now and then playing on their lips, tempted to dissolve into laughter.

Just how divorced from reality tantamount to completely loopy can U.S. politicians get? The  posture virus that gets passed from one administration to the next appears to be incredibly virulent and surely spread from mouth to mouth.

Do they get wound up like automatons to jabber the same nonsense on inauguration day, their programming inserted through some slot on the top of their heads?

Little feet stamp in the Oval Office regularly, Twitter tantrums are required on a daily basis while nurse prepares their bottles. Tiny fists punch the air directed wildly, not at the phantom Putin’s or Jinping’s swirling round their empty skulls.

Cracked actors, little would-be Hitler manikins, dopey cartoon characters bereft of any semblance of gravitas, senility descending on one while the other rehearses for the role of Dr. Strangelove in his school play.

Biden and Blinken, a double act from Hell, bent out of shape in paroxysms of idiotic finger-pointing delusion, locked in a maniac Mobius Strip... round and round and round repetitively mouthing maniac slogans at a world that has heard it all before and no longer cares.

The lunatics are in charge of the asylum, the crims are running the jailhouse, babies have been put in charge of the nursery. It’s situation normal in U.S. politics.



It is clear that western elites perceive little incentive to work with the elites of nations they oppose politically and economically. There...