Friday, 5 March 2021


If western elites had their way there would be no alternative media, no independent voices on social media and certainly no critical voices on mainstream media regarding their rule or contrived narratives.

If they had their way there would be radio silence except for their Orwellian transmissions faithfully transmitted by a compliant mainstream.

Those who dared rebut, criticize or question official narratives would be quickly cancelled by one means or another. They would be framed as nutballs, extremists, traitors and/or agents of a foreign power.

If you have read George Orwell’s ‘1984‘ you will know what kind of thing they perceive as the ideal, an absence of alternative narratives or at the very least branding them as ‘fake news’, ‘conspiracy theories’ or ‘Russian propaganda’... perhaps this approach already sounds somewhat familiar?

Have you heard much self-criticism from western elites any time recently? Any talk of the lies that caused over one hundred thousand deaths in Iraq? The bombing of Libya into a state of chaos and lawlessness that now features a thriving slave trade and warring militias fighting to the death? Or have you only heard the voices of those in high places across the world of politics and media who point at others somewhere ‘over there’ who are abusing some kind of right or other? No mention of the right to life then? No sign of contrition (not even going so far as guilt) for bringing the entire Middle East into a fragmented hotbed of imminent violence and never-ending strife? Nothing to do with them, right?

The programming goes on as usual. The facade of western probity, the assertion of purity of intent and the never-wavering belief in preemptive attacks based on dubious assertions. The judge, jury and executioner status of the USA and UK are inviolate, unquestionable and defended to the death, the literal death of others.

To keep the conditioning of their populations active and all-pervasive there has to be a constant very convincing charade of utmost sanctity. This means that murder must be sanitized, attacks on sovereign nations whether covert or overt must have a patina of supreme justification so the sheep-like populace are kept fast asleep.

Voices pointing out that these emperors have no clothes on and have not a leg to stand on in regard to justifying their murderous activities are required to be silenced by one means or another. Of course while the constant cacophony of authorized narratives are still avidly tuned into through state-compliant outlets such as CNN and BBC doubts can be assuaged as they arise, a hypnotic flow of nuanced conditioning will lull most brains to sleep.

But the rising minority who are waking from their slumbers and recognizing the lies coming down from on high and their inescapable crimes against humanity, war crimes and legalized mass murder on a grand scale is becoming an issue that the elites committing these crimes are growing increasingly aware of.

These elites after all are the perpetrators of the ‘Something must be done’ memes that precede every mass murder event they wish to initiate, therefore they are good at spotting activities that may just get in the way of the next one, be it Cuba, Iran or Russia. They are expert in the field of psychological operations and the myriad techniques involved with quietly snuffing out opposition via the CIA or MI5 at home just as they are in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere.

Anyone who becomes popular enough pointing out inconvenient truths who pop their head above certain parapets will have a file created somewhere in the depths of C.I.A. Langley, Virginia or at MI5/G.C.H.Q.

If popularity continues to grow (it doesn’t matter who they are, a virtual unknown or such as Tulsi Gabbard or Jeremy Corbyn) then the PsyOps people will receive a memo or two. Consultations will be held, meetings will be arranged, agendas set and campaigns will be formulated to nip such people in the bud.

All will be done on a need to know basis of course with the top brass, ministers, senators and all others kept at a deniability arm’s length informed via the most confidential level possible.

The West is supposed to be democratic. If you believe that you must be blind, deaf and very dumb. Did you engage in the protest marches of millions to tell western nations such as the USA and UK not to attack and invade Iraq? How did that work out for you? Was there a response indicating in any shape or form that your voice meant something, that there was a democratic process involved at any level?

An army of politicians at the highest level in both the U.S. and UK lied to their little hearts’ content and we all knew it, didn’t we? Who went to jail for the mass murder that then took place?

Precisely no one, that’s who. Democracy? The rule of law? Yeah, right.

The dictatorship of western elites where a four-yearly farce takes place is hardly what the ancient Greeks thought democracy should look like.

But no one is supposed to notice. The sheep are meant to keep their heads down in the consumer and entertainment troughs and not worry their woolly little heads about such things.

And those who do? They are increasingly to be flagged up, targeted and canceled.

It can never be those who killed hundreds of thousands based on a pack of lies that are dangerous, never those who laid waste to entire cities and nations. Oh no... it can never be said that THEY are dangerous.

Those who are dangerous are of course those who POINT OUT their lies, crimes and perpetration of serial mass murder.

Welcome to our melange of '1984', 'Brave New World’ & 'Alice in Wonderland’ where all logic and proportion is twisted, reversed and used against us... just as Orwell predicted.

All to align with the totalitarian ambitions of those designer-suited, perfectly respectable mass murdering “democratic” elites of the western world.



  1. Основная масса населения не осознаёт кто они и где они. Только Божественный Мировой Порядок создаст достаточные условия для осознания, самоопределения и реализации возможностей.

  2. They want to bring down a curtain of censorship. We have got to keep punching holes in it.



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