Monday, 8 March 2021


When you are attacked the most appropriate and natural response is to defend yourself.

I am talking of a violent attack above but it holds true even when the attack is of the more cunning and underhand variety also.

America uses both methods of attack, indeed it wages war across the entire spectrum of aggression available to it.

It couches these aggressive tactics in terms of its national interests and these national interests are more extensive, more all-embracing and global than those of any other nation on our planet. This is why the USA is ALWAYS at war.

The American form of capitalism is the most extreme. This is surely not a controversial fact. Surely no one would argue that there is a nation more devoted to individualism and entrepreneurship than the USA. It forms the lifeblood of U.S. culture stemming from the uncompromising attitude to the native inhabitants at its forming, the use of slaves to build its nascent economy and the continuing and perpetual drive to instill the spirit of self-reliance and eternal expansion of life potential and possibilities in every America. In pursuit of the American Dream, to have it all... to enjoy every last drop of success available exploiting each and every opportunity to do so.

American capitalism places no restriction upon itself for any reason under the sun. Infinite expansion is the goal and any thought of a limit is to be removed from the mind as soon as it raises its negative little head. Limiting your success for any reason at all is unthinkable within the group-thought ethos that pervades American capitalistic thinking.

Therefore, in theory and in practice the world beyond America’s borders is there for the taking.

Therefore those national interests, the protection of the god-given right of U.S. expansion, extend to every corner of our world. Along with the conception that America is best and most exceptional in every sphere so it follows that Americans readily conceive that the world is essentially already American. It just doesn’t know it yet.

Can you grasp this world view? Can you conceive of such hubris, such unlimited conceit?

Add the sanctity of purpose that goes with these attitudes. And the purity of intent and  allowance of a wide variety of dubious activity that goes with it and so can be fully justified. Over one hundred thousand souls can be parted from their bodies in Iraq, tens of thousands more mortally injured, cities and lives destroyed and nations fractured beyond repair. All as a result of lies. But meanwhile and in perpetuity Americans continue to remain in a glow of holy rectitude, confident that their mass slaughter based on lies will be seen as they conceive it, a righteous act based on the best of all intentions, without a single thought for themselves.

You need to twist yourself into quite a few mental contortions to get anywhere near understanding this mentality. You must conceive yourself to be very special, one of God’s chosen, a benefactor of perfect forefathers, one of the creme de la creme of His creation sent here with a mission to purify the world in the image of America, the holiest terrorist state in the world.

If you can imagine that state of mind you are far more able at mental gymnastics than myself.

The gap between the bloody reality and the fantasy of infallible goodness must be kept always as wide as the mental universe it exists within. The stimuli that allow breast-beating and bleating about the need for war must be preserved at all costs. Nothing, not the slightest thought must cast doubt on the holy need to destroy all opponents of his mighty work... of your mighty work... which of course you keep sanitized and separated from your self-interest.

Americans must keep themselves feeling holy even when doing the most dirty of deeds. This is vital. The single mindedness of business must be transferred to the field of war. Just as the Nazis went about exterminating the Jews so Americans are encouraged to get enthusiastically behind the elimination of any obstruction to American power in the world. These obstructions are of course framed as “enemies”. They are demonic forces, cunning villains, vile plotters and Machiavellian sub-humans who are malevolently seeking the destruction of the U.S. purest of the pure and who are planning night and day to bring down the saviors of the world.

This level of self-serving paranoia is not without precedent. The Nazis imbued themselves and much of the German nation with such self-righteous indignation concerning those who they were sure were out to do them harm and were actively doing so and therefore had to be stopped at all costs. And using all methods available.

Those at the peak of American power therefore use every weapon that falls into their hands. This is the ethos that built America is it not? Genocide was kosher. As was slavery? Needs must, no? Break unions. Create a Red Scare. Racism. Graft. Corruption. Wage war. Inflict terror. Use torture. Blackmail. Extortion. Assassination. Dirty tricks. Covert war. Demonization. Propaganda. Lies. Russophobia. The Forever War. Why waste a good opportunity to test your latest weapons? Isn’t that what your military and the CIA are for? False Flags. Psychological Operations. Black Operations.

As in business so in war: Maximize your leverage, force through your agenda, plan your tactical advantage and bring every talent and weapon you have to bear.

This is the true aggressor and these are his justifications, a holy warrior on a crusade of total righteousness and rectitude where the compartment containing his self-interest is locked securely and well out of sight. Even at times, out of sight of himself. And at others simply out of sight of his PR distribution functions.

These are the factors under which the world labors in its kindergarten stage where one bossy, self-confident and self-entitled kid demands to rule and have all toys at his beck and call... or else.

So, how do we defend ourselves from a bully insisting that the entire world belongs to him and that he will destroy anyone resisting him?

Naturally once we are aware of this motivation to attack us we defend ourselves to the best of our ability.

The USA is waging war against us. Can it be surprised when we respond in kind?

The answer is it can as the mental cell within which it keeps its holy alter of purity is locked tight and denies entry to any thought of guilt.

 If we attack back we are evil, devils, demons and unlawful combatants, foreign agents, villains, vipers, sub-humans and the lowest of the low. How could anyone fight the chosen people who only kill out of a love for the world and a saintly desire to enlighten to democracy and bring freedom?

Those who wage war against America therefore are fair game for complete and utter annihilation.

So I ask. Who will stand with me?



  1. Cierto
    Pero como salimos en excelencia múltiple de la mayoría?
    Solo Corazón 💙/i\nmaculado María y no si Rusia 🇷🇺 ( pieza clave)
    NOM de i 💙v María porque? Y para que ? Veamos : la supervivencia entre nativos es muy superior para civilización por iberos que por Gringos Yankys y eso porque si yankes son más cultos eran tmbn y de graciable natural generoso y festivas familias Bueno eso solo porque antes E8 la eucaristía Mila grada en g b fuen muy extensa y aquel precepto de solo original Eucaristía de PERDÓN 😥 POR FAVOR 🙏 GRACIAS 🙏 ESTABLECIÓ SURGENTES DE ENDORFINA EN HULLA NEURAL TREMENDAMENTE GRATIFICANTE DE OPERAR ANTE ESAS PSLABRAS ( ej D Donald T tipico hijo de aquellas carne eucaristía) le pisas el callo a un inglés y le pides perdón y al oírte se le desprende msnavion de enforfinas y junto con toda su intimidad personal TE PERDONS VOLONTIERI Y EN FELIZ SATISFACCIÓN MIENTRA QUE EN IBEROS LOS MILAGROS PARACLITO PUEBLO COMÚN ERSN UN CUENTAGOTAS EN TREITENA Y LOS SANTOS NO DEJARON APENAS HIJOS COMO EN BRITHIS SI + bueno y entonces la diferencia pro gentes de iberos se debe (y ahí va mi posición) solo a sinergia de Corina ( hoy D Felipe VI) con Querigma en obispos ( y también en Roma asi Benedicto tiene Paraclito v negra alemana y BER gog lio lio OMERTHA ro&ro No tiene Paraclito) y al tener Paraclito estas recibirte en Jesús y es El tu ley y eres hombre de ley por eso NOM i v María es muy flexible liberal festivo y muy piramidal en puro gusto

  2. Der Krieg USA gegen Russland ist vorprogrammiert... er wird kommen und er wird unser Land zerstören



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