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(A fable of the future present)

‘ men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.’

H.G. Wells, ‘War of the Worlds’

It was a typical day at Langley.

Each team took up their current task where they had left off the night before, adding whatever data had arrived on their encrypted cells and emails overnight plus cable data via satellite. Anything new on ‘201 Files’ were attended to also to see what operatives in the field had newly garnered. This new data was incorporated within existing databases and external notes as their first task, after grabbing their second coffee of the day.

The Russian and Chinese teams had arrived first at their desks, coming in three hours before the others carefully sifting and ingesting the data left by the previous shift. These two nations above all others were scrutinized to the most minute level and required round the clock attention. A three shift system had been in operation for almost a decade and a half now.

Current ops requiring the most intensive activity included Navalny for the Russian team and Xinjiang for the Chinese. Constant liason with the PsyOps teams was imperative and the intermingling of the two was a daily and sometimes hourly occurrence. The Russian and Chinese “desks” dealt with the information flow, PsyOps dealt with the massaging of that flow and for article production, local and international distribution, seeding as it was called. PsyOps also liaised with those responsible for what were termed outside as ‘black operations’, BlackOps. ‘Bang and Burn’ ops were always being cooked up to order, sometimes activated, sometimes laid aside meanwhile to await a certain turn of events. Communications from ‘Box’ or ‘GCHQ’ in the UK would need attention also.

Each staff member had his duties which were performed in sequence each day depending which of them of those above had been allocated at his or her initial briefing or subsequent update, keep agents in line and informed, refreshing ‘brevity codes’, checking on ‘bridge agents’ for fresh developments, checking for any ‘burn’ requirements, looking for new recruits from ‘The Farm’ to contact or settle in... all this and much more were all in a day’s work. It never got boring. Keeping America safe and her enemies weak required exactly the dedication they all had in depth here.

Today there was a requirement for a ‘Cobbler’, a member of PsyOps who’d created the necessary documents for a new agent to be sent in by the Russia “desk” to the embassy in Moscow. The usual were needed, passport, visa, diplomas, etc. A ghoul had picked a particularly apt but obscure member of deceased as cover identity. The details were relayed to the section chief for delivery by the 15th of the month with an ‘Urgent’ classification.

A hunting pack was to be set up and the new operative was an expert in her field and would lead its construction. She would be an illegal of course if discovered but the documents ought to give her cover enough if she entered the embassy unseen successfully.

Joanne Connelly was adept at what she did, an expert in her field. She never let a single doubt enter her mind about her occupation. To her Russia was a deadly threat with a monstrous dictator in charge, a man she was devoted to undermining and if necessary, helping kill.

The operation, ‘Nathan’s Wish’ was the most provocative envisioned within the CIA for many years. Not since the multiple attempts to end the life of Fidel Castro had so much time and energy gone into an operation.

The previous plans against Putin had not had the desired effect. The op to have Porton Down-assisted agents debilitate Skripal had failed to put the required dent in Putin’s re-election campaign for Russian Federation president. Nor had it inflicted the desired PR hit on the Russia World Cup. Neither had the frequent 'Operation Mockingbird’ flood of anti-Putin articles across western mainstream media hit Putin as hard as expected. The situation was becoming critical.

Time frames were slipping. Covid had worsened the situation critically. Though the initial results of the op had succeeded with the virus embedded successfully without being detected at any stage China had acted more effectively that was thought possible and was now recovering fast with GDP growth already exceeding 3.5%.

9/11 protocols demanded all negative agents, entities and national leaders be eliminated and a full spectrum dominance globally be achieved, all by 2025 at the very latest if not much sooner.

Major successes had been achieved, most notably in Iraq, Ukraine and Libya. Afghanistan was also a partial success but only as a marker for other nations not to resist the USA. Syria was a partial success only in that the secondary goal of substantially weakening its economy beyond short term repair had been achieved. However, the primary end goal of the Syria op of putting ‘our people’ in power had been stymied by Russian intervention.

Venezuela was still stubbornly resisting the op in progress there far beyond the time frame expected.

Iran had not been reduced to social and political chaos as planned and continued to present major challenges.

The end goal timetable which was to achieve the termination of the Chinese regime was slipping to the point where every day saw less and less likelihood of an achievable outcome by 2025.

Putin was behind the setbacks encountered in Syria. Putin was also interfering with the operational timetables and project progressions within Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and elsewhere.

Putin was the single key to all barriers to the sub-goals and primary goal of ‘Operation Overview’, the end game solution which projected U.S. dominance worldwide on land, air, sea and space... and at last the winning of perpetual security for the USA.

All efforts to bring Putin down to date had failed. The largest operation in CIA history was in danger of also being its greatest failure.

It had not been expected that the myriad processes, all the yes/no crossroads of the ‘Operation Overview’ flow chart would lead to this point. This was arrived at as the final terminator symbol within the final branches leading to the final destination, ‘Op end: China Collapse’.

Its label stated bluntly: ‘Putin Dies’.

Joanne Connelly was already in the air on the way to Moscow by a regular flight on the 16th.

On arrival in Moscow she successfully entered the U.S. embassy there unseen by the Federal Security Service Board (FSB).

Intensive briefings take place led by Connelly where the team that has been rehearsed endlessly for ‘Operation Nathan’s Wish’ are brought to complete readiness.

On the 20th once all preparations are in place, all team members are focused completely on the task in hand the date for the elimination of Putin is set. It will take place next day on the 21st when Putin is due to meet relatives of volunteers who have died in the Donbass in the Alexandrov Gardens by the walls of the Kremlin.

Posing as tourists and ordinary members of the public, some of whom who have taken the identities of relatives of the dead, Putin’s security team will be distracted/taken out at a precise moment just as the fatal shot is fired.

Branching off from this assassination event and in the event of its success are various operational parameters and sub-groups updated in real time where sub-goals regarding recalcitrant nations are re-activated and all prearranged and delayed targets are brought to successful conclusions, the main victory being however the re-establishment of western dominance over Russia.

Once all of the above steps are successfully brought to a conclusion and Russia is once more in western hands, under western leadership and expertise the next flow chart steps would then be activated.

After the recalcitrant and non-compliant nations recognize the new and decisive trend by the events above including the end of the Russian regime and are now unable to resist, the steps toward the final undermining of China can commence.

1. Intensification of all western orbit attacks on every aspect of the Chinese regime to instigate maximum confusion and economic damage.

2. Instigation and release of all previously organized/funded activists in-country to foment rebellion and instigate a violent state response.

3. Coordination of world condemnation of the Chinese president and Communist Party of China and the forming of the widest possible coalition to bring to bear the greatest degree of pressure possible upon both.

4. Coordination of a mass sanctions regime against China, freezing of all Chinese assets and cancellation of all debts to China along with dollar bonds held by China.

5. A blockade of all Chinese assets across Asia in particular and worldwide by all means necessary regarding China’s major allies and others in combination with credible threats in the event of non-compliance.

6. Observation of and assistance to, all of the above sub-goal projects for a period protracted enough to reach the tipping point required for steps 7, 8. and 9.

7. The issuance of an ultimatum to the Chinese president and communist party leadership to relinquish power in an orderly manner following instructions from the international community.

8. A firm deadline to be set of 48 hours in which compliance to the demand of step 7. to be accepted and acted upon.

9. In the event of non-compliance to step 8. a credible and detailed threat of tactical nuclear strikes to be delivered to the communist party leadership.

10. In each case whether by step. 8 (preferable) or by step 9. (if step 8. meets non-compliance) China will at last be brought under western control.

In Langley, on the announcement of final victory over her enemies and the prospect of total security of the USA, wild applause will be heard. A time out to celebrate will be called for several hours and prearranged caterers will supply all the requisite items needed for the biggest party ever seen there, bigger even than that which took place at the end of the Cold War.

The world in the eyes of everyone in CIA, Langley will celebrate a new “free world” exclusively controlled, monitored, surveilled, judged, disciplined, and where necessary punished by them and those who provide the orders they daily salute in thanks.

At the end of the celebrations everyone will get back to work with a happy gleam in their eyes as the new tasks are issued. Those tasks will grade old allies and those who are new in terms of loyalty, clearance levels, suspects and potential threats and of course, the creation of ever more operational flow charts.


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