Monday, 29 March 2021


Which leaders are acting as emperors demanding conquest? Which army is perpetually on the move seeking new conquests? In which direction are swords being rattled? From where is aggression being heard, from where demands made and ultimatums given?

From where do we hear the rhetoric of division used to castigate another making nations into enemies. From which source do we hear constant attempts to frame other leaders as lesser beings than themselves worthy of overthrow?

All the chest-beating and moralizing stems from one single region of the world, those who conceive themselves as a mix of evangelizing angels and holier-than-though saints in human form. These are the “democratic” dictators of the West seeking to dictate how those half a world away should live.

That those who dictate come from the very same stock as their precursors who mouthed the very same demands, threats, insults and ultimatums. Those past and those present all have one thing in common, an arrogant mindset and blood on their hands. You could also add voicing violent rhetoric, lies and declarations of war while keeping their sons and daughters home from war while others died. When it comes to being “democratic” it seems they feel the concept can be taken a little too far.

They will dictate their conditions, make their threats, foment their wars and nominate their cannon fodder. They will make their threats and demands from comfortable homes and gardens, carefully avoiding the resultant carnage seen in realities they provoke. They are making a “democratic” choice to remain blind to the consequences of their actions. This is the elite prerogative of these “democratic” dictators.

Did anyone ever vote for war? No. But did they get it anyway? Yes they did.

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. But they get slaughtered anyway.

Now these western dictators with war on their minds need enemies as always. They find it difficult to operate with out them. Scapegoats and whipping boys to point to when things are perhaps not quite as wonderful at home as they promised. As long as the gravy train with its revolving doors of the military industrial complex keeps chugging along with the Wall Street carriages in tow all is well. For them.

They needn’t see anything they don’t wish to. Neither must their wives or children. If you followed half a dozen politicians around their usual haunts for a year it is unlikely you would see even one drop of blood, bit of dirt or untidy corner. They have built-in immunity, guaranteed security and a totally comfortable existence from which to “understand” everyone else and determine their future. It’s how “democracy” works and now you understand why so many seek it out. You needn’t upset yourself with contact to the common herd ever again.

But wait. Western nations and leaders have always been on top, surveying their global domain, their fiefdom and empire. Judge, jury, punishers and executioners. The high authority based on the gains made through genocide, slavery and colonialization... through a hundred years and more of exploiting stupid “Johnny Foreigner” and teaching him how to behave, show some decorum, supplicate and bow... and most important of all let himself be exploited to the fullest extent possible.

Now what’s this? Johnny Foreigner is getting uppity and threatening to go it alone. Somehow these lesser beings are making a success of things, manufacturing, trading, investing, innovating and beating the westerners at their own game. This cannot be tolerated. Something must be done. Now the high status of global overseers is in jeopardy. The seat at the head of the high table is not theirs as a matter of course. Now rivals have emerged after all these years and it doesn’t feel pleasant, it doesn’t feel pleasant at all.

Who are these  Johnny-come-latelies? Don’t they know that only we know how to run the world and that without us in charge everything will go to hell?? The benign dictators doing things only for the best can’t allow these new boys on the block to get away with it. For the sake of the world, no!

Of course the true reason is that its is for their status and a nameless fear of the future that they react like this. But they may not even admit this to themselves. For them the way things have been was assumed to be the way that things would always be. They, the exceptional aristocrats of world administration organizing and manipulating from their ivory towers and top-drawer board rooms, political palaces and vast bureaucratic empires.

Give it all up and let “Chinks” and “Ruskies” take over? Never!!!

And so... despite a world plagued by dire threats requiring unity of purpose to resolve these “democratic” dictators fight for their cozy existence of great power tooth and nail often quite oblivious to the chaos they engender, foment, ignore and use for their purposes in the process of forwarding their agenda. Of preserving their power.

There is nothing remotely democratic about any of this. The citizenry sheep hardly get moment’s chance to bleat about it before the wolves hunt on. Their voices are as feint as the sound of tumbleweed while their shepherds, political aristos vent their spleens seeking division, destabilization and the endlessly profitable benefits of war.

Democracy? Hardly. No western emperor decides on any of this based on democracy.

It is based purely and simply on how to use the dictatorship provided to preserve the dominance of themselves in perpetuity.

While stating it is for the good, democracy, freedom and benefit of everyone.

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