Tuesday, 13 April 2021


Biden says U.S. troops will leave Afghanistan by September. If you believe that you will probably believe almost anything. It will certainly not be all U.S. troops. So-called training forces will remain and who knows how many will be flown in at a moments notice if some U.S. staffer or other loses his or her life?

Having said this the USA will leave Afghanistan with its tail very firmly between its legs. Those staying will fight at their peril and I would not rule out a helicopter being on perpetual standby, Saigon-evacuation style.

The Taliban will take back power once the majority of the American occupying force leaves. It will only be a matter of when.

Expect no peace in the meantime. The Taliban already control most of Afghanistan. Taking Kabul with the U.S. puppet-master entities gone should be achieved in fairly short order. I would be very much surprised if it took more than 3 months from start to finish.

Attacking then invading Afghanistan was a fool’s quest from the start as was the illegal attack upon and invasion of Iraq. These plus the complete destruction of anything approaching stability in Libya and the despicable torturing of Syria have revealed the U.S. hierarchy as super-aggressive lunatics without an ounce of true insight or integrity between them. The same goes for the UK, France and the rest of the NATO-member ‘Coalition of the Killing’ along for the ride.

Iran is the net beneficiary and her influence is enhanced over what it was before these wars were initiated and will be further enhanced when the majority of U.S. troops also leave Iraq as the current parliament there has asked them to do.

You don’t hear the word peace used now by U.S. politicians. In general they are much more comfortable with war. Besides, if they were to utter any sentence using the word peace they would be greeted with howls of derision at the hypocrisy revealed. In addition they would rather not bring to mind Neville Chamberlain’s words on the agreement he had just made with Hitler regarding “Peace in our time”.

If Biden talks of peace when announcing the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan you are permitted a short-lived smile of irony. This action, long delayed at the cost of many U.S. lives means no such thing. The USA should never have been in Afghanistan at all.

And rather than any semblance of peace being sought by Biden his words will be the signal for the beginning of the final phase of the war his nation initiated... and the inevitable return to power of the Taliban, almost as if the last twenty years had never happened.


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