Friday, 2 April 2021


The leadership in Russia and China need to act carefully at all times, paying attention very carefully and precisely what response is most appropriate for every act of aggression against them.

They have done this very well up to this point and it is utterly vital that they continue to do so and for a very good reason.

The elites of the USA and UK and to a lesser extent those of the EU have an interest in pushing Russia and China to over react and overreach, so leave themselves open to attacks prepared for them for when they do so.

We all surely know how these nations have used similar situations to effect their long-prepared plans.

To obtain a massive escalation in Vietnam U.S. elites used the fabrications arising from the Tonkin Incident.

To be allowed to attack and invade Iraq the U.S. and UK emphasized the fabrications and outright lies regarding fictitious weapons of mass destruction.

To initiate the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya fabrications regarding an imminent massacre were used to allow NATO to destroy all legal governance there,

To test the effects of nuclear radiation on the civilian populations of Hiroshima and Nagasaki U.S. elites ignored the pleadings of Japanese high command to allow their peaceful surrender.

In more recent times with hot wars leading to the expenditure of large amounts of blood and treasure which might prove unpalatable to future U.S. populations its elites, those in the UK with assistance from others in Europe have turned to continually pressuring nations they wish to destroy and bring to heel.

In Ukraine the most militant proportion of the population was financed, trained and primed to overthrow its president and government.

In Syria terrorist proxies were financed and trained by the USA plus its allies within the UK, Europe and in the Middle East to effect a change of president and government there.

In all this time from before the attack and invasion of Iraq these unwarranted, illegal and ultra-violent interventions against sovereign nations have been resisted by Russia and China. Since that time both these nations must surely have known it was only a matter of time before they too would be attacked.

The end goal of the U.S. elites and their allies is complete control of our planet which in their view lost all its right to freedom and the independence of sovereign nations on 9/11 2001. To ensure their future security they believe they need to have complete overview, a total oversight of the entire planet and therefore the ability to monitor, predict and act effectively anytime they believe they require to. This means that in effect they will act as warders. This will enable them in their eyes to circumvent any all circumstances which they judge to be a threat to them.

Russia and China, along with a few others such as Iran and Syria and still more such as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are greater or lesser barriers to this goal, Russia and China being by far the greatest barriers of all. China, having an almost equal economic power base to the USA and likely to exceed its economic power in the coming years presents the greatest barrier of all.

Russia and China cannot be attacked outright. Presently we see mounting pressure building against them from the U.S. elites and their allies.

For many years now Russia has been the primary target which Chinese finance was required to save the West from the complete collapse which threatened as a result of the financial crisis there in 2007-08.

Russia, along with nations with lesser economic power but a stubborn resistance to U.S. oppressive dominance, has been targeted relentlessly since 2007 at least. Prior to 2007 it had been assumed that Putin, like Yeltsin was happy to be a pawn of the West. In Munich in February of 2007 Putin disabused them of this idea, explaining as he did that Russia would follow her own destiny and not be a subject of the USA in a unipolar world it controlled.

You can easily see why Putin then became public enemy number one for U.S. elites and their close allies from that moment on.

Putin was presenting Russia as a strong opponent of the primary goal agreed after 9/11: That the USA must become global warden, aware of all and reacting to all, acting in its best interests to ensure its continued security and power. This at all times using worldwide monitoring from space and the ability and global reach to hit out with impunity. Without resistance of any kind from incalcitrant leaders or governments.

But there was a problem.

Neither Russia nor China could be approached in the same way the USA had attacked and undermined the others. Due to the costly regime change wars in the Middle East and the unlikelihood of scenarios using false flag events or wars facilitated by believable lies working, something else had to be devised.

This is where the incessant and increasing pressure campaign against these two primary barriers to U.S. plans for global domination began to be inexorably initiated.

The plan was seen as a winner on all fronts. Russia would be subject to intolerable pressure by a united front of U.S. UK and European elites. The reunification of Crimea with Russia would be the primary pivot point along with the struggle of the pro-Russian population of eastern Ukraine to gain their autonomy from a newly western coup-created regime in Kiev. NATO would encroach closer and closer to Russia’s border’s cynically stating this was to counter RUSSIA’S aggression. Russia would be constantly pressured to react against this pressure thus allowing an even greater opportunity to spread the lie of "Russian aggression". The Baltic States were incorporated as were EU states such as Poland into this campaign of maximizing pressure on Russia to undermine her and make her react.

You may well have experienced or observed such a situation in micro form when young as a schoolyard bully seeks to make you or a another schoolchild react. Perhaps the bully assists his or her friends in this, pushing, poking, insulting... daring you or the child to react, and if the reaction is forthcoming this provides the “justification” for the greater violence that was intended.

The softening up process was begun with the attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya in the Middle East and Africa, on Venezuela in Latin America and in Europe via Ukraine. Now the USA and its allies, forced to speed up their timeline by the weakness Covid has inflicted upon them, are focusing on Russia and China more intently than ever before.

However, the leaderships of both Russia and China are composed of wiser heads than that of the average standard of elites elsewhere. In addition... on this subject they’ve clearly had the opportunity to intently observe the goals, and the tactics to achieve those goals, of the western elites for many years now, knowing that sooner or later they would be gunning for them.

My supposition, strongly held, is that they will not be drawn into any situation where they are made to act precipitately with a stronger reaction than is appropriate in the circumstances for all the reasons above.

They will avoid at all costs providing the USA and its malign associates the pleasure of delivering their volley of long-prepared sucker punches.

In conclusion I would like to offer a video which reflects the theme of my commentary.

It is by Bill Hicks, the greatest geopolitical comedian ever. Bill had a routine based on the tactic I warn of here. 

‘You Saw Him, He Had A Gun’.

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