Wednesday, 21 April 2021


(A reality-extrapolated, fictional account)

Currently most elements of the coalition against Russia are holding firm despite mounting pressures shaking it at the edges.

Hungary is using Sputnik V.

The ethos behind Hungary’s decision is what presents the greatest danger to that coalition.

This ethos was embodied in the act of Hungarian politicians prioritizing the health of their people at a higher level than the maintenance of the vital goals set for the coalition. They lacked the political will to remain solidly behind the goals set and so generated a fault line that is currently contained at the edge of the EU.

Russia was not to be allowed any entry to normal relations. Each factor that could potentially lead to this was to be blocked, no matter what damage was temporarily caused. It was considered that all damage would be temporary as pre-Covid resources and options were strong.

Covid-19 is proving to be the potential Achilles' heel for the coalition, the one element that could not be predicted and which is shaking the foundations of what was an impermeable shield against Russia.

Russia was to remain in the frame decided upon as 100% negative using every tool available to the European coalition plus 1. The 1 being of course the USA (with the UK as its major link and primary coordinating unit). No entry to any positive Russian element was to be allowed and a stream of intermittent boosters of negativity to be applied to maintain the desired framing.

Syria, Navalny, the Skripals, Russiagate and Cybergate plus no let up on the anti-Putin invective, assertions and media compliant distribution of all of these to the widest possible audience.

Meanwhile of course the anti-China coalition was being formed but gradually in recognition of western nations’ dependency on their massive debts being held by China in the form of government bonds.

But Russia is the main stepping stone to the undermining and eventual planned transformation of China. Russia must be undermined first and this entails in isolating it in the public and trading mind of the West and fixing it as absolutely beyond redemption as it is. This is why no good news whatsoever regarding Russia must enter European space. The USA has its mass media under full compliance. The UK also. Only in Europe was there a danger of leakage.

And Sputnik V is the greatest danger for leakage in that respect there is.

Every effort was being made centrally in Brussels to stymie all inclinations to allow Sputnik V to be used. Hungary had broken ranks but no others were to be allowed to.

The most critical case was Slovakia where the prime minister had flown to Moscow against all orders and had arranged for a delivery. Two hundred doses arrived but a tactical campaign against him was successfully mounted and is still in force blocking any movement toward the use of the vaccine in Russia. The prime minister of Slovakia, Igor Matovič , was successfully undermined and made to leave his position by a concerted attack on many fronts. His move to Minister of Finance did not stop him from promoting Sputnik V however. A testing center in Slovakia was convinced to help in blocking its use but he persisted and traveled to Hungary for the testing of the vaccine required. Further methodologies are in progress to stymie all further progress in this direction however.

In general the campaign against Russia is still in place with the Slovakian situation being the only major point of potential leakage. However, as seen above it is being handled and despite further infections and deaths being inevitable through these measures they are considered acceptable in the circumstances.

The whole push to isolate and deconstruct both Russia and China are dependent on their eventual total isolation and keeping them firmly fixed in all minds as being in requirement of TOTAL transformation.

Both require to be held in complete stasis while they are brought to dissolution from below.

The coalition therefore must keep its shape, tightly bound to NATO with all primary political entities reading from the same script. No wavering is to be allowed without urgent attention to bring such activities into line and the entities involved discredited and brought to a condition of inability to affect the vital and primary goals underway.

The coalition MUST be maintained and held rigidly in place.

The war against Russia and then upon China depends upon it.

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