Monday, 1 March 2021


Democracy we are told is the one-size-fits-all political system. In fact, for western elites it is the mandatory system which nations will accept, “or else”. This dictatorial viewpoint and demand composes the signature theme song of every last one of the West’s regime changer elites. You can have any color as long as it’s black. You WILL have democracy whether it suits your culture or wishes... or not.

Why if it works so well, are those nations priding themselves most in having this most wondrous of systems, so riven by turmoil, constantly divided by polarized views and drowning in debt? What are we to judge the merits of democracy upon if not the circumstances we can easily observe where these nations tend always to take one step forward before promptly taking two or more steps back?

You only have to look at what a basket case the USA has been over the last nine months or so. Is it the sign of a successful, democratic nation that its police kill scores of unarmed people on its street or in custody each and every year? And yet the elites of the USA raise their hands in horror at the policing in Hong Kong where similar rioting took place with the West’s approval and yet not one single person died.

Is it the sign of thriving democracy when one sovereign nation can wage war on another without that nation lifting a finger against it? And this not once but several times. What democratic mandate allowed the United States to attack Iraq, Libya and covertly attempt to undermine Syria? Before these there was Yugoslavia. There was no democratic mandate to attack any of these nations. The populations of western nations hit the streets in their millions to protest against the proposed attack on Iraq in particular. To no avail. They were ignored. The elites of their nations had decided and that was that. A hundred thousand and more died. It was only later that we found out that all the assurances which were faithfully passed down from western political elites via the mass media elites, were lies.

Where is the democracy in a four year cyclical choose-the-clown hypocrisy, a lesser-of-two-evils farce with a knowledge that nothing will fundamentally change... except to get worse?

Corporate influencers with their parasitical lobby groups, racial and cultural influencers such as the Jewish Lobby and the revolving door political-corporate cartel of the military industrial complex decide things between them. There is no true democracy. There is only a sham piece of political theater, a circus of illusion and a propaganda sideshow where truth is the very first victim. And the everyday citizen should choose a way forward from that catalog of idiocy mixed with more than a dash of greedy ambition and eye to some personal advantage? Yeah, right.

Among the elites in question, those who have been sanctified by some version of “democracy”, everything is seen through the lens of their “perfection”. No self-criticism is required. They have set themselves up as the best of all possible systems and this group-thought filter is permanently attached in front of their mentality with not even a crack of independently ascertained reality allowed.

China has a system that works for its people and this is proven every time a survey is made of opinions there. Harvard did exhaustive research into Chinese attitudes to their government and came up with a 90% satisfied score for the communist administrators who plan for a better China each and every day that dawns. Change can come fast where it is perceived as vitally needed. Nothing need stand in the way. No endless bickering this way and that. And the satisfaction of the vast majority of Chinese is the indicator that they get things right most of the time.

Of course this doesn’t mean this system of government would work everywhere and in every culture. Which is why those running China have no intention to export their system anywhere and certainly not to force anyone to take it up. They are interested solely in making sure the Chinese people get the best service possible and have lifted 100 million Chinese out of abject poverty in doing so.

But the so-called democratically-elected elites of the West do indeed demand that all other nations must follow in their footsteps and that if they don’t then they will surely be infiltrated using covert campaigns against them where they are demonized and possible attacked militarily.

This is a sickness of the mind, the exceptional mentality of the a fascistic orientation. It is a race considering itself superior demanding obedience to their will and conformity with their wishes.

So we are left with the question, what is it to be a democratic state in the West? To encourage the people to exhibit obedience to their mass media in allowing it to coat their minds in the required narratives to allow their particular system to prevail and prevail over others? To set no limits on freedom within a confined space for conditioned populations where a limited anarchy can prevail to keep them occupied and confused while the fascistic elites above them are protected by their many arms of state?

China will rise to ever greater prominence as a trading nation with great influence within Europe both east and west. There can be no stopping this despite whatever new Cold War dinosaurs such as Trump’s Pompeo says or does. American influence in Europe and indeed round the world will wane as China’s increases. The net forward impulse will be toward tolerance of diverse cultures and respect for the sovereignty of nations. The western impulse to convert all divergent forms of governance to match their own will diminish and ultimately disappear completely. This will in majority be accomplished naturally and peacefully by the rise of China and will also be partially due to the continued economic rise and influence of the Russian Federation.

The so-called democratic system of western nations and those whose tradition has followed a similar path will undoubtedly remain. The Asian forms of political structures based as they are on a greater obedience to a recognized, respected and acknowledged authority will not transfer westward. Not unless outside forces of enormous threatening effect make them absolutely and recognizably necessary. In this respect I would ask you to imagine a situation even more dire than the effects of the present pandemic.

Only China with its central command structure, facility to plan, act and command counter measures quickly and effectively had any chance of dealing with it speedily enough to spare a protracted human and economic catastrophe.

If the effects of climate change begin to hit hard there will be a tendency to move toward this kind of economic and social structure merely to survive. The cost of maintaining the present western political and social systems which are completely unfit for purpose when it comes to such disasters as pandemics, let alone potentially catastrophic threats such as a long-term series of worldwide climate change catastrophes, should be obvious to all by now.

Whether you feel democracy is working will to a large extent be determined by where you stand in regard to the capitalist system and your social and economic status will most likely determine this. This gives western elites a natural incentive to support both whether they are in decline or failing or not. For them it is the system which has raised them to where they are now and like any such regime in power they will do almost anything to maintain it. This means fighting to weaken any emerging rival systems which we see them engaging in now against both China, Russia and nations not firmly aligned within the same framework as the western elites. This war to maintain patrician and economic power is being waged against all such rivals and potential rivals and their systems. Venezuela is one primary target as is Cuba. Nicaragua was waiting in the wings to be undermined at a later stage.

The game plan is a desperate one with the failing western nations within declining capitalist economies engage in a wrecking ball policy designed to create an undermining effect then takeover of resources to win more time against the primary rising power, China.

This game plan isn’t working. But it is all they have left. Their economies are running down, unable to sustain their massive debts, unable to increase their efficiency, relying more and more on technology and less and less on human input with the resulting social division and dissatisfaction. The suicidal answer is simply more of the same, less and less actual democracy, more and more coercion and an ever widening gap between the haves and the have nots which brings everyone into an ever increasing turmoil of dissidence, division and an inevitable and ongoing social chaos.

This is how things stand. The West is descending toward disunited societies tearing themselves apart. This while the East is gearing up to see life chances and standards of living rise without limit on as broad a scale across their largely unified communities as imaginable.

It’s easy to see which side of this increasingly divided world is losing and which is winning.

In the USA there was a promise made to each America, that if they worked hard they could achieve the American Dream. Most Americans now realize this is no longer the case. The chain letter Ponzi scheme that is the U.S. economy has run its course and the so-called democracy that was supposed to guarantee that dream for everyone has totally failed.

The western systems are now only working for those first recipients in what was a medium term hyper-capitalism Ponzi scam. These lucky participants reached the top of the golden tree first and, determined to stay there they’ve hauled the ladder they used to get there up with them. And it’s being hauled higher every single day now.

The hope of  a better life for all is shattering in a West where elite leaders cynically attempt to halt in their tracks nations where this hope is not only still alive but is well within sight.



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